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Building a meal: What makes children choose what they eat?

Have you ever wondered what makes our kids eat what they eat? Researchers have found that what we know about health and how easily we can get healthy food affects how we eat. But what makes kids choose food for a typical meal?

This study will look at parent and child factors that guide how children choose food for a typical meal. Children will build a meal using food models, and each will compare his or her meal to what is recommended for healthy eating. Body composition assessment (height, weight, and hip/waist measurements) will be offered, and parent feedback will supplement understanding of food accessibility. Researchers will provide and discuss information on U.S. guidelines for healthy eating.

This research will help us understand what affects children’s choice of food for a typical meal. We will use what we learn from this research to guide education on healthy eating for children and their parents.

This study is a collaboration between Dr. Carol Howe (carol.howe@tcu.edu), Dr. Gina Alexander, and Dr. Jada Stevenson at Texas Christian University and the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.


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