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Join Dr. Haylie Miller to participate in research designed to increase our understanding of autism. Learn more about autism and DFW-area opportunities for autistic individuals from University of North Texas Health Science students who join Dr. Miller in the RLC!

10 AM to 4 PM

How does vision help your balance?

If you are standing up while you read this information, you are using balance! Balance helps us stand and move around without falling down. Have you ever noticed that it is harder to balance when your eyes are closed?  That’s because our eyes help our brains to know where we are in space, so that our brains can tell our body how to move.

Some people have a harder time balancing than others do. Scientists don’t know if that is because of how their brains control their bodies, or how their brains interpret what their eyes see.

This study will test the role of vision in postural control.  Participants will stand on a platform and balance while standing still or leaning.  The study will help in understanding how people use vision to help attain balance, and whether those with Autism Spectrum Disorder use vision differently than typically developing people.

This study is a collaboration between Dr. Haylie Miller, Dr. Nicoleta Bugnariu, and PA Laura Mattingly (UNT Health Science Center) and the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.



The RLC will be closed for iMake during the day on Saturday, April 1. Join us that evening at Science on Tap (6 to 10 PM) to learn from these RLC researchers:

Modern Autism: New Discoveries and Fresh Perspectives

 Dr. Haylie Miller, University of North Texas Health Science Center

Interested in knowing what’s new in the world of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?  In this discussion, you will learn about the biggest discoveries from the past decade of research, hear about emerging ideas and technologies that may bring about new breakthroughs, and engage in thoughtful dialogue about the abilities and challenges people experience across the spectrum. The goal of this chat is to help you become an informed and compassionate advocate for the ASD community – all questions and perspectives are welcome!

 I'm Not Hungry...So Why Do I Eat?

Randi Proffitt-Leyva, Texas Christian University

Join Randi Proffitt Leyva of the TCU Psychology department as she shares her research on how early life circumstances impact eating behavior in adulthood. Learn how eating in the absence of hunger may be an adaptive strategy that promoted survival in our ancestral environments.

The Art of Visual Notetaking: Doodling for Comprehension

Michelle Yang, Visiting Researcher Scholar, UNT

What can you remember from your last meeting? Come learn doodling strategies designed to strengthen both comprehension and memory! Visual notetaking combines images and words, fostering connections between the logical and the creative parts of your brain. Join Michelle Yang, UNT Visiting Research Scholar, for a fun, interactive experience! 

Scents and Scentsability: Uses of Essential Oils

Glenda Robinson

Essential oils may be used for a wide range of emotional and physical well being. The unique properties of essential oils are ideal for applications beyond aromatherapy to maintaining a healthy mind and body. Come experience the aromas that are best for your wellness needs.

Chinestory: Understanding Chinese Language and Culture

Dr. Haiyan Fan

Join Dr. Haiyan Fan, author of Chinestory, to learn Chinese calligraphy and experience hands-on activities for learning and decoding Chinese characters.
Released on January 28, 2017, the first day of the Year of the Rooster, Chinestory is a new way to learn the Chinese language. The curriculum combines rich storytelling and beautiful artwork based on the ancient Oracle bone script to help learners master the skills to decode Chinese characters and learn to read, write and speak like a native.



Fun Fact

Five of the movies shown in the Omni Theater have been nominated for Academy Awards: The Living Sea, Dolphins, Cosmic Voyage, Alaska: Spirit of the Wild, and Special Effects: Anything Can Happen.  

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