What’s Up in Innovation Studios?

Check out live science & technology demonstrations daily in Innovation Studios! Topics include everything from science, technology, and engineering to art and math. Because featured demonstrations change daily, be sure to check out the demo board with times and locations found at the entrance of Innovation Studios

Maker Studio

Maker Studio is back for Spring 2016! Visit Innovation Studios the first weekend of every month for an exciting new group of DIY activities led by Makers and staff here at the museum.

Drop-In Times:

First Saturday of the month, 10 AM – 5 PM

First Sunday of the month, 2:15 PM – 4 PM

Feel free to drop into Maker Studio during any of these times! All activities are included with general admission to the museum and are available for any guest ages 8 and up. (Space in Maker Studio is first-come, first-served.)

Exclusive Member Hours:

First Sunday of the month, 12 PM – 2:15 PM

Want to guarantee a spot in Maker Studio? Pre-register for FREE with the Membership office to secure your spot in Maker Studio! Time slots are 45 minutes in length and are available from 12-12:45 PM, 12:45-1:30 PM, and 1:30-2:15 PM. Call 817-255-9313 for more information and to register. Space is limited to six guests at a time and all participants must be ages 8 and up. Families with younger guests are welcome to stay with their family and observe. Pre-registration is required and will close on the Friday before each Maker Studio. If a participant has not arrived by 10 minutes past their scheduled time, the space will be forfeited to an on-site waiting list.

Upcoming Maker Studio Dates:

Saturday, May 7th and Sunday, May 8th


Maker Studio brings back some of its most popular textile projects! Learn how to do wool felting and finger knitting with a high-tech twist where you can add LEDs and light up your projects using conductive thread and sewable battery packs.

*Visit for more information.

 IMAGINER - Tinker!

Imaginer Studio is filled with unusual and interesting building challenges using traditional and not-so-traditional materials.

Continuing with its popular light, color, and shadows theme, Designer Studio sparkles and gleams with opportunities for luminous explorations.

DOODLER- Create!
Design and create art projects of your own inspiration using art-making methods from drawing to collage.


Eric Olson, engineer and the Museum’s Volunteer Keva builder, recently created a new sculpture for the studios.  Check out their time lapse video.



Studio Hero

Fun Fact

Five of the movies shown in the Omni Theater have been nominated for Academy Awards: The Living Sea, Dolphins, Cosmic Voyage, Alaska: Spirit of the Wild, and Special Effects: Anything Can Happen.  

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