Cool Science


Cold is the absence of heat.
Wednesday, July 10 - Saturday, July 13 

Activities for each day - PDF

Come into the museum to get out of the heat and experience some really cool science.  We’ll explore the concept of cold through hands-on experiments and engaging demonstrations.  This year we’ve also tossed in some cool summer favorites, like bubble play, Dynamo’s birthday and fun building challenges. 

We kick off Cool Science with a birthday party for Dynamo, who is celebrating his 8th birthday on July 10 and end Cool Science with a free Star Party for the community which begins at dusk on July 13.

Additionally, guests will get to experience the following each day:

  • Extreme Cold Demonstrations
    Stop by the Innovations Studios for demonstrations using liquid nitrogen or dry ice.

  • Play with “Snow”
    Get your hands into some really cool instant snow each afternoon. Who knew polymers could be so fun?

  • Afternoon Melt-Down
    Find ways to save a Popsicle from melting on a hot summer afternoon-those who are successful get to eat their results.

  • To Freeze, or not to Freeze? The Anatomy of a Spacesuit
    Learn how astronauts keep warm in the void of outer space from the Noble Planetarium staff.  

  • Icy Experimentations
    Spend time experimenting with one of the most unusual substance on the planet with Museum educators

Fun Fact
IMAX film is strong enough to tow a full-size car!

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