Tuesday, October 20 - Saturday, October 24, 2015

This year's theme is Chemistry Colors Our World!  Look for activities focusing on the chemistry of food colors and fireworks, rainbows, natural dyes and pigments, and much more. The Innovation Studios will feature hands-on chemistry based activities that will engage and excite. Museum staff will be joined by the American Chemical Society Student Groups from area universities to share in the fun!

Here are just a few of the experiences planned:

  • Soapy Science - experience the science of colorful bubbles and the extraordinary power of soap

  • Make groovy patterns using foam and food coloring

  • Explore acids and bases and learn about the pH scale

  • Play around with elements from the Periodic Table in low-tech and high tech formats

  • Investigate color writing, or chromatography in amusing ways

  • The Amazing Spectrum! Come learn about light through new eyes! The electromagnetic radiation from our Sun is a chemical marvel

  • Our staff will wow you with the chemistry surrounding simple and complex reactions. Check the schedule when you arrive for demonstration times

  • Meet practicing chemists, outstanding university faculty and students, committed high school educators and students and ask them your toughest chemistry questions

Please note:  Activities are offered on a rotating basis.

To download the Chemistry Week Flyer, click here


(2nd grade and above)
School groups of 15 or more can book field trips in advance by calling 817-255-9440

Visit for more information and detailed schedule.


Thursday October 22 from 1:30 - 4:00 PM

We have created special experiences for homeschool audiences after the traditional field trip groups leave for the day. Check out our website in early October for more details.

Please note: Chemistry Week topics, activities and environments are designed for students ages 8 and older.

Download the Celebrating Chemistry Activity Guide at

Programming for Chemistry Week is sponsored by



Additional support provided by:

ZS Pharma and American Chemical Society.

 Additional volunteer support is provided by Texas Christian University, Texas Wesleyan University, Texas Woman’s University, Southern Methodist University,

University of North Texas, University of Dallas, University of Texas at Dallas, Eastfield College, Tarrant County College NW, Birdville High School,

Fort Worth Country Day School, Lamar High School and Southwest Christian School.

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The full length feature films over on the Quick Turn Reel Unit, added in Sept. 2005, can hold a two and a half hour movie, weighing in at over 700 pounds and stretching over 9 miles long!

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